Join the lab!

Current Recruitment

The Lab is currently recruiting for a variety of positions.

Click on the hyperlinks within each paragraph to see the full advertised details of each position. Select the ‘lab manual’ tab above to learn more about the lab’s philosophy – it may help you to figure out if this group would be a good fit for you.

Postdoctoral fellows

We do not currently have any funded positions available in the lab. However, Diana is keen to support applications for independent fellowships, contact Diana (drennison(at) if this is something you are interested in.

PhD Students

We are looking for an eager and motivated doctoral student to join the lab. Diana is happy to chat with potential students who are interested in developing projects related to evolutionary rescue, genetic sources of evolutionary constraint, natural selection in the wild, the genomic basis of adaptation, eco-evolutionary dynamics, the gut microbiome and visual ecology. If any of these topics interest you and you are looking to join a program in fall 2022 please contact Diana! (drennison(at)

Note: We primarily use threespine stickleback as our study system. If you are keen on working with a different fish species or an invertebrate that is a possibility – however, at this time I will likely not agree to supervising work on non-fish vertebrates.

Undergraduate and Masters Students

There are a number of ways that undergraduate researchers can get involved in our lab! We are happy to have student volunteers helping with fish rearing, fieldwork, morphological or behavioural analyses. We are also keen to mentor students who want to conduct independent research projects (either BISP 199 or through the BS/MS program). Contact Diana (drennison(at) to discuss your interests and what opportunities are currently available.

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