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Submitted or in Revision Manuscripts

Härer, A., and Rennison, D.J. Validity of fecal sampling for characterizing temporal variation in threespine stickleback’s gut microbiota. In Review Scientific Reports

Härer, A., and Rennison, D.J. Quantifying (non)parallelism of microbial community change using multivariate vector analysis. In Review

Härer, A., & D.J. Rennison. The biogeography of microbiota diversity and implications for their hosts’ ecology and evolution. In Review

Poore, H.A., Y.E. Stuart, D.J. Rennison, M. Roesti, A.P. Hendry, D.I. Bolnick, & C.L. Peichel. Repeated genetic divergence does not underlie repeated phenotypic divergence of lake-stream stickleback. In Review Evolution.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Tsai, B., Reese, S., Thompson, K.A., Roesti, M. & Rennison, D.J. Correlated evolution of suites of traits in threespine stickleback.

Bakker, T.C.M., M. Hiermes, B. Müller, S. Martin, D.J. Rennison, & I.P. Rick. Adaptive variation in opsin expression of sticklebacks from different photic habitats.

Härer, A. & D.J. Rennison. Parallel shifts in gut microbiota composition and function across the avian, mammalian and teleost phylogenies.

Varey, L., & D.J. Rennison. Lateral plate area is a better predictor of anti-predation function than lateral plate number.

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